Why I Want An Independent Scotland

The right-wing has a problem. After years of telling its supporters that Scotland does very well out of English taxpayers, it is not surprising that most Tory voters rather support the Scottish Nationalist cause. But of course this is not what the right-wing establishment wants at all. The truth is that whatever subsidy England does give to Scotland (if anything when you think of how much government is based in London) it gets much more back in power and prestige. No way do the Tories want a socialist republic on these Isles showing exactly what the English are missing out on.

Now don't get me wrong when the Scots vote on Independence as they now surely will, it will be incredibly hard for the SNP to win. For one thing, without a draft deal on how it is all going to happen, then the Scots could be voting on a blank cheque. Voting for independence with less than 10% of UK national debt taken on (as per capita it should be) is very different from say 20% of UK national debt.

I think the EU would embrace the Scots nation and the Euro would be the natural choice for its currency. Total fiscal autonomy and not having to pay towards the UK's sizeable defence bill, especially Trident will free Scotland - a big land area with a small population. Even without oil, Scotland can easily produce its entire electricity and power consumption. All from renewable sources.

But apart from thinking that Scotland will enjoy the fruits of freedom from London diktat, and plentiful raw materials, it will also be free to be a small democracy fo five million people. For me small is beautiful. Small European nations lead the way on democracy, whether it is excellent public services, large per capita GDP or green economies and high political participation. Scotland will be better off. In fact I would like to see independence for London, the North West, Midlands etc as well if at all possible. Democracy is better when small, for that reason, go for it Scotland, I wish you all the best.